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  • Contributors
  • Valuable information for this Historic District web site was provided by Daniel Addis, Ruth Addis, Art Pappas, Daisy Dowling, Mrs. Ronald Walter, Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Wilford, Charles Roberston, Louise McClintock, Mrs. Rexford, Marie Frederick, Muriel Spencer, Ruth Davies, Alma Goldner, Marilyn Hanson, Judy Roeser, Doris McElmurray, Laura Stern, Nadine Thompson, Dan Colombo, Sandra Conlen, the Henry Ford Museum and the Clarkston Community Historical Society.

  • House Descriptions and Photographs
  • The purpose of this site is to provide a valuable research tool to explore the historic district and its structures. Therefore, the site text documents changes to the structures, over time, including remodelings and the removal of structural details. This factual recitation is in no way intended as criticism of any changes which owners may have made to their buildings.

    The house photographs were taken from public right-of-ways and sometimes had to be taken under unfavorable conditions. When "Heritage" is mentioned, the reference is to the book copyrighted by the Clarkston Community Historical Society in 1989. We will strive to replace photographs if they lack sufficient clarity or are not close enough and welcome the invitation of any homeowner to take a new photograph from a better perspective. To contact us, please click "Share Your History" on the site index at left.

  • Genealogies & Personal Histories
  • This information was compiled from a variety of sources including newspaper articles, genealogies, cemetery records, census records, abstracts, tax records and history books. Some handwritten records were illegible. Others contain errors and variations in spelling. We have made every effort to cross check this information and where there was a conflict in the spelling of a name all variations are included within parenthesis.

    When there was a conflict in the information about these individuals we have cited the conflict. In order to maintain privacy this information has been limited to those who are deceased unless there was a need to do otherwise and permission was obtained. If you have documents, cemetery records, diaries, genealogies or abstracts which may correct errors or provide new or further historical information and you would be willing to share that information with our Community please click "Share Your History" on the site index at left.

  • Property Transfer & Tax Histories
  • The property histories do not trace ownership to the present unless permission was given so as to protect the privacy of current owners. Tax records from 1844 forward were the tools used to construct the history of the change of ownership of a piece of property, the possible construction date for the building/buildings on the property, and major improvements or additions to the building or buildings. Abstracts of title, when available, were used to confirm property ownership. However abstracts rarely mention buildings. (Sometimes a will included in an abstract lists buildings and their values, but this is rare.)

    Construction dates for buildings were ascertained from changes in property values, old maps with building footprints, newspaper articles, old history books, personal reminiscences and analysis of the architectural styles. Abstracts for the property, if available on-line, may be read using a link on the property's web page. Many of the documents used were handwritten, some were illegible, and others contain spelling and other errors. If you have any information which may correct errors or provide new or further historical information, such as an abstract, and you would be willing to share the information with our Community, please click "Share Your History" on the site index at left.

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  • Comments and suggestions concerning additions or improvements to this web site are welcome. You can e-mail the Independence Township Library at or telephone the library at (248) 625-2212.

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