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Case Cemetery

An historic landmark, Case Cemetery, also referred to as the Union Burying-ground, is located in the northeast section of Independence Township. Containing approximately 95 graves, local townspeople buried their dead there from 1836 to the 1950's.

Privately owned it was operated by an association, officers at one time included David Dunn as president, Chester Wyckoff as secretary, and Moses Case as Treasurer.

In the 1950's their funding ran out. The cemetery was abandoned, virtually forgotten, and suffered from lack of care. In 1979 the Clarkston Historical Society and Independence Township government began having concerns about its poor condition. On March 11, 1981, the land was declared "vacated" and the Township took over its ownership.

In 1983-4, Independence Township used Federal Revenue Sharing and their own funds to make improvements. They fenced the cemetery, reassembled or repaired broken headstones and laid new foundations for sinking headstones.

Unfortunately, the original burial records have been lost. The people listed here were identified through the existing headstones, secondary sources, such as newspaper articles, or a 1985 list of headstones.

We currently need the community's help to identify the rest of the persons buried at Case Cemetery. If you, or someone you know, have information, pictures, or documents on Case Cemetery please contact:

We are especially interested in locating an original cemetery layout sheet described as a large brown sheet of paper. It illustrates the entire cemetery layout and identifies each grave.

Case Cemetery

(22 Graves identified from an undated list in the Clarkston Historical Society Files)

The lists appear as they were typed. Question marks and possible misspellings were left.


R. Hammond Wife Phebe___ b 3-31-1775 ca d 9-15-1843 aged 68y, 5m, 15d.

William Kile b 8-13-1810 ca d 4-22-1869 aged 58y, 8m, 9d.

David King Wife Phobe ____ b 8-19-1823 ca d 3-31-1848 aged 24y, 7m, 12d.

David Augustus King b d 1846 aged 8m 27 d.

A___P. Losey Wife C___E Co. 1, 14th Mich. Inf., Civil War (on stone)

b 1837 ca d. 2-28-1863 aged 26y.

Drusilla Perry b 2-3-1860 ca d 3-27-1861 aged ly, 1m, 24d

Margaret Perry b 5-9-1797 d 12-25-1857

Isaiah Porter b 9-13-1839 d 1-18-1860

John S. Porter b 12-18-1809 d 1-31-1876

Wife Catherin b 10-5-1808 d 7-25-1862

Whitfield B. Porter b 10-5-1844 d 1-17-1867

Stephen Scott Wife Hannah __b 11-28-1809 ca d 1-4-1871 aged 61y, 1m, 7d

Frederick Shurts b 4-8-1792 d 8-16-1869 aged 77y, 4m, 8d

Benjiman Shurts b 7-24-1835 d 1-16-1882

Wife Charlotte _____ b 5-19-1840 d 10-21-1902

Charles Latin Shurtz b 1867 d 1950

Nellie Shurtz b 1880 d 1954

Abram Struble b 1801 ca d 3-3-1872 aged 64y

 Alfred H. Struble b 1821 ca d 5-6-1856 aged 35y.

Sidney D. Struble b 1- -1847 d 2-10-1863 aged 16y, 1m.

David J Swett b 3-9-1800 (Bath, N.H.) d 2-9-1882 (Brandon)

John Wise b d 11-7-1861/4


 A list dated May 31, 1985 made by a Clarkston Historical Society officer identified 49 graves. Dates were not included on the list.

Starting north to south:

  1. Unknown
  2. E.W. Pursell
  3. James Ramsey
  4. Jane Ramsey (wife of Robert Ramsey)
  5. Robert Ramsey
  6. EWP (footmarker)
  7. JW (footmarker)
  8. John Wise
  9. Hannah Jane Swett
  10. David Swett
  11. Mary E. Twill (?)
  12. Nellie Shurtz
  13. Charles Shurtz
  14. Benjamin Shurtz
  15. Charlotte Shurtz
  16. William Wyckoff
  17. Hannah Wyckoff
  18. Catherine Wycoff
  19. D J S
  20. Unknow (footmarker) AMS
  21. Unknown (footmarker) AS
  22. John A. King
  23. Mary L. King
  24. Phoebe King
  25. Mary Ann Hammond
  26. Phebe (wife of RH)
  27. Unknown (military)
  28. Margaret Hosner
  29. Mary Losey
  30. Robert Losey
  31. Drusilla Paring (?)
  32. Margaret Perry
  33. Soroel (?) DLS footmarker
  34. Unknown
  35. C. E. Losey
  36. A. P. Losey (civil war)
  37. Betria Cone (wife of William)
  38. Ingersol (?) under tree
  39. William Baldwin
  40. Linn
  41. Daughter of Bingham
  42. Unknown Died 1863 Aged 55
  43. William Kile
  44. D. A. Kile
  45. MG
  46. Frederick Shurts
  47. Hannah M. Scott
  48. Unknown
  49. Unknown